wonderoad Avocado Slicer Fruit Knife Spoon Kiwi Peeler Folding Paring Knife 3.5″ Stainless Steel Avocado Cutter Travel Camping Utensil Avocado Tool Gifts for Women Mom

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This fruit knife consists of folding knife and spoon.It is made of stainless steel and Glass fiber(G10).You can open and close it easily.The fruit knife is sturdy and the blade is very sharp.
The fruit knife can be used as a paring knife.Cutting many kinds of fruits including avocadoes kiwi-fruits apples oranges and grapefruits.It cuts easily smoothly and evenly.It slices at any thickness and shapes.It depends on your mood.When working as an anvocado slicer cutter,it wont get messy or mushy even for overripe avocadoes.Remove pits very easily.Therefore it works very well for avocadoes of ANY size no matter OVERRIPE or UNRIPE.For the spoon part,it can works as a scooper.
The fruit knife is also suitable for cutting vegetables like potatoes tomatoes and onions.

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