Whetstone Knife Sharpener Premium, Sharpening Stone Set 2 Side Grit 1000/6000, with Non-Slip Bamboo Base & Flattening Stone & Angle Guide, for Kitchen & Chef Knives

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Professionally-Made Sharpening Whetstones: with high-class corundum, widely used for kitchen knives, kitchen shears, pocket knife, porting knives, straight razor, precision tool, garden tools, but EXCEPT serrated blades and ceramic knife.
Repairing stone: We have specially engineered 320 grit repairing stone to flatten the depressions that are caused by repeated use of sharpening stones (waterstones), to prepare them for effective sharpening of knives or tools.
DOUBLE-SIDED KNIFE SHARPENING STONE: Coarse side 1000 grit can make edge very sharp, and edge reflects light well; Fine side 6000 grit is ideal for finishing and polishing the edge, and perfect for light touch-ups to an already sharp.

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