Solid Wood Knife Holder Kitchen Supplies Magnetic Knife Holder Tool Storage Rack Double-Sided Suction Knife Stand Price: $139.99 (as of 20/04/2021 23:56 PST- Details)

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Organized kitchen: magnetic knife holders offer you many benefits. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy! Your knives never need to be stored in the kitchen counter or drawer. The magnetic knife holder made of wood measures 27.5 cm high x 12.5 cm wide x 26 cm long, so you can have more work space. This makes your kitchen space more reasonable.
Durable and sturdy walnut wood: The magnetic knife holder is made of special high-quality wood. Each product has a unique wood grain, so it has a particularly noble appearance. High-quality wood material, which has a long service life, is abrasion-resistant and environmentally friendly. It is also an ecologically sustainable product.

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