RAXMIN 5″ Diamond Knife Sharpener 400/600 Grit

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✅ DOUBLE-SIDED SHARPENING ✅ The portable RAXMIN Diamond Folding 5″ Knife Sharpener 400/600 Grit features a coarse side, and a fine side. Coarse 400 grit (38 micron) for quick edge setting; Extra fine 600 grit (23 micron) for honing.
✅DIAMOND-ELECTROPLATED ADOPTION✅ Ensure efficient and sharp sharpening result. Sharpens knives and tools faster than conventional stones with DMT’s monocrystalline diamond surface. No oil is needed-sharpen dry or with water.
✅INTIMATE & PERFECT DESIGN ✅Surface is honeycomb, the interrupted sharpening surfaces allow you to speed up your sharpening by collecting the metal filings that accumulate. Stripe is on the handle which can play a important role in anti-skid. The design of concave and convex ombining on the tail end of handle prevents handle dislocation when you use it, and avoid s folder your fingers. The fan-shaped and folding const ruction provides great protection to the stones, preventing from damage.

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