Professional Knife & Scissors Sharpener Price: $14.99$21.65 (as of 17/02/2021 03:19 PST- Details)

✅VERSATILE & EASY USE – This knife and scissors sharpener not only quickly sharpens very dull or damaged blades, but also hone for razor sharp; Not only for straight edge but also serrated knife; Except knives, it’s ideal to grind scissors blade
✅EXCLUSIVE SCISSORS SHARPENING DESIGN – Patent pending specially designed tungsten carbide blade for sharpening scissors quickly and easily
✅DURABLE ABRASIVES & SUPERIOR SHARPENING PERFORMANCE – All sharpening abrasive materials pass 10,000 times field use test. No. 1 V-Notch slot (Coarse CARBIDE)-Quickly set a new edge; No. 2 V-Notch slot (Fine CERAMIC)-Hone for a smooth finished edge

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