MSY BIGSUNNY 9″ Slicing Knife Stainless Cleaver Knife Rose wood Handle Professional Yanagi Chef Knife Sashimi Knife Price: $16.90$33.99 (as of 12/02/2021 07:37 PST- Details)

1.Country/Region of Manufacture:China; Product Specifications, Knife Weight-278g, Knife Length-13″/ 336mm, Blade Length-7″/ 183mm, Blade Width-2.2″/ 56mm, Blade Thickness-4.4mm.
2.Filleting, slicing and cutting delicate food products such as raw fish or sushi rolls, without crushing or tearing its structure, requires the use of a special super sharp knife.
3.It is a quality sushi knife with a long narrow asymmetric blade which allows you to fillet a whole fish in just one or two movements.

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