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Unlike magnetic knife holders made of stainless steel, Purpleheart wood magnetic knife strips won’t dull or chip your knives, won’t rust, and make an elegant edition to your kitchen. Sleek, modern and seamless space-saving design saves valuable countertop space while adding to the ease of preparing a delicious meal.
Kurouto’s Purpleheart magnetic knife rack contains a continuous strip of powerful rare earth magnets to securely hold and display your knives and keep your kitchen organized. Use in the kitchen, laundry room, office, bathroom, bedroom or garage to beautifully display and hold any magnetic objects within convenient reach.
A Great alternative to countertop knife blocks. The average countertop knife block gets in the way, collects food, bacteria and germs, and dulls and hides your knives. The Kurouto Kitchenware Purpleheart Magnetic Knife Bar features a seamless design that is easy to care for and won’t trap food particles or get in your way in the kitchen.

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