Made in Japan Shimomura Single-Bevel Blade Chef’s Knife Price: $42.99$55.99 (as of 12/02/2021 07:24 PST- Details)

The sharp edge of this Nakiri Knife is made by seasoned artisans to a mirror polish at 12-15°single-bevel blade. Because of its special single-sided and sharp blade without crushing or tearing the structure of the ingredients, it is able for cutting Herbs and Vegetables etc.
NOTE! This knife is for vegetables and herbs. Since the blade is made with forged high carbon steel, it requires constant maintenance, such as drying after washing, because this steel has no 100% rust resistant status, but has HRC 58-60 hardness, the sharpness is 80-100. This Nakiri kitchen knife boasts unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.
Ergonomic Magnolia Handle – The Ergonomic Handle of this single-edged Japanese Nakiri Knife has perfect grip and great balance, so it is a classic Japanese knife handle, the design of which was developed more than two centuries ago and is still the best in the opinion of Japanese craftsmen.

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