Kurouchi Koyanagi 210mm Blue Steel #2 handle of walnut

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Japanese knives are made using steel manufactured exclusively for blades. Prominent manufacturers include Hitachi Metals, Takefu Special Steel, and Aichi Steel. Among these, Hitachi Metals has a factory in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, the historical production center of Wakou, traditional Japanese steel made from locally obtained high-quality sand iron. Our hammer-forged knives all use Yasugi steel from Hitachi Metals.
Yasugi steel is a type of High Carbon Steel that reduces impurities (such as phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S)) to the extreme to reach the hardness required to achieve maximum sharpness. Yasugi Blue Steel is particularly superior, it’s hard to rust and is extremely sturdy and tenacious. Sharpening it also restores its sharpness.
Shirogami is sharp and easy to grind but is slightly prone to rust. Reinforcing Shirogami with chromium (Cr) and tungsten (W), Aogami has boosted sharpness, life span, and rust-resistance.

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