Hokyzam Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip Holder Magnetic Knife Bar Block Kitchen Organizer for Kitchen Utensil Holder, Tool Holder Organizer, Art Supply Organizer, Metal Tools Organizer

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Safe and Powerful Magnet: Each magnetic strip is evenly distributed with very powerful magnets. In order to ensure the safety of use, we have selected very high-quality materials after repeated tests and selections. Even a small contact surface can be strongly absorbed, suitable for any metal.
304 Stainless Steel: The fully sealed 304 stainless steel material is not easy to rust and is waterproof. Even if it is immersed in water, it will not affect its magnetism, and the sucked objects will not fall off. And we chose the safe perforated wall-mounted installation method, which is more reassuring and safer than the glue installation method.
A Great Kitchen Organizer: Abandon the traditional knife organizer, no need to align the position of the knife holder, easy to put the knife, easy to take the knife. Our magnetic strip has a large capacity, save space, let your kitchen bid farewell to messy, it is also a good storage tool for chefs.

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