High-end Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears 6/6.5 Inches Made Of Advanced Stainless Steel Alloy By Hand Exclusive For Senior Barber/Hairdressing Salon/Family

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Material: Made of high quality stainless steel alloy by hand. With unique steel formula, exquisite production technology and strict sharpness requirements, we make the scissors with high hardness and durability
Features: There is no need to use a special wrench to adjust the tightness of the scissors,because we use high technology to fine tune the screw with double point shrapnel bearing, and the screw has a certain degree of tightness, there is no other loose or tight
Handle: With the sharp blades, the solid material, the screw technology and the ergonomics of finger ring,the scissors are comfortable, smooth and quiet,each pair of scissors have to go through a strict selection and repeated inspection

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