CherryC Bread Cutter Bread Arc Curved Knife Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool Slashing Tool Wood Handle with 5Pcs Replacement Blades Leather Protective Cover Dough Making Cutter Accessor Price: $3.99 (as of 18/06/2021 00:51 PST- Details)

【WORKS GREAT MESSAGE SOURDOUGH】: —Beautiful deep and crisp slices in the dough give your bread the appearance of the bakery, give the homemade bread a professional appearance and make it incredible. Cuts so much better than trying even with a very sharp cutter.
【WORKS WELL AND EASY TO USE】: — The handle is designed to fit and feel well in your hand to allow full control of your cuts – giving your leaveners an absolutely beautiful look. Helps you make smooth cuts on top of bread and so much easier to use than a naked knife on a wooden coffee stirrer.
【BEAUTIFUL AND FABULOUSLY FABRICATED】: — Made with good quality wood and a handle design, it is easy to use without being cut. Once you get your hands on it, it becomes so easy to use, allows a very neat and precise calculation, an excellent little tool for a baker!

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