Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener Solid Stainless Steel and Austrian Tungsten Carbide Price: $119.00 (as of 17/02/2021 03:20 PST- Details)

FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO SHARPEN ANY KNIFE WITH SUPERIOR USA PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Radically new sharpener is the absolute best way to sharpen dull knives and keep them sharp WITHOUT removing metal. No other sharpener comes close to the speed or performance of this breakthrough sharpener. Takes just seconds to keep all your knives razor sharp ? straight or serrated.
PROPRIETARY TUNGSTEN CARBIDE SHARPENERS MADE IN AUSTRIA AUTO-ADJUST TO BLADE ANGLE (12-20 DEG). This ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpener will cut a bevel at the angle of your choice. Pull through tip down to cut a factory bevel, tip up to smooth and align the edge without removing metal. Press lightly for a fine blade for slicing blade. Press harder for a sturdy chopping blade.
TRIPLE-ACTION SHARPENERS KEEP KNIVES SHARP WITHOUT REMOVING METAL. Sharpen, re-align and polish just by changing angle of the knife. Professionals use a chef?s steel to realign and maintain a sharp cutting edge, but this skill takes much practice. Get the same results even faster with these triple-action sharpeners. The smooth edge presses the knife edge into alignment at just the right angle. Works equally on straight and serrated blades to maintain sharpness.

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