BeaverCraft Wood Carving Detail Knife C8 1.5″ Whittling Knife for Detail Wood Carving Craft Knife – Chip Carving Knife Wood Carving Tools for Beginners and Kids Price: $12.95 (as of 18/02/2021 06:51 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

👍 DETAIL CARVING KNIFE CHISEL is Pre-sharpened and razor Sharp, designed specifically for fine cutting wood, green woodworking, delicate cuts on finish process of the wood carving projects. It’s the best detailed knife for chip carving, letters carving and small elements such as animal fur leaves or tree branches. ATTENTION! Please use the detail knife only for delicate woodworking.
👍 HIGH-QUALITY CARBON STEEL BLADE: The blade of the fine detail knife is made of high-carbon steel and is hardened to proper firmness. The chip carving knife is sharpened and polished so you can use this small detail carving knife right from the box. The BeaverCraft fine cutting tool is the one you need for chip carving
👍 CUTTING EDGE of our chip-carving knife chisel is very sharp, which allows you to cut softwood. Fine cuts of small detail carving knives are very smooth and shiny. Be careful with wood carving detail knife, it has a fine cut blade which can hurt you quickly. BeaverCraft stands by the green woodworking tools!

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