Authentic Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knives Set, Standard Steel Knife 3 Pcs Set , Carving Knife 2”, Coring Knife 3” , Paring Knife 3” , Pro Art Carving Knife with Wood Handle Price: $32.15 (as of 21/06/2021 02:52 PST- Details)

High quality product with the “NIROSTA 4034″ stainless steel standards from KRUPP GERMANY.
Set includes: Carving knife 2″ the blade is extra thick and is suitable for carving fruits and vegetables with hard surfaces, Coring knife 3″ is used to core vegetables and fruit such as rambutan, cucumber and, Paring Knife 3” with a nice gripping handle is easily used for paring all kinds of fruits and vegetable.
Created especially for the art of vegetable & fruit carving for any garnish imaginable.

In Stock.